Become a steward of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church 

Click here to fulfill your stewardship commitment online. 

Stewardship is the cornerstone of giving to the Church. It represents each family’s individual financial commitment to the continuation of the Church, and the collective commitments serve the practical function of allowing our church to meet its expenses.

The Church’s goal is to completely offset its annual operating expenses through stewardship contributions. Meeting that goal would provide the Church with the stability and sustainability to use funds from fundraisers and other donations to expand ministries and to build existing programs, rather than having to use those proceeds to cover the Church’s operating budget.

It is important to note that the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church does not require a minimum stewardship pledge of its members. The Church asks of everyone to give as they can. Therefore, to help us reach that point of financial stability, we ask each of you to use the annual expenses per family as a starting point in calculating your stewardship contribution for the year.  This is our Parish, and by working together and backing each other up, we can sustain its energy and its important work.

If you would like to discuss your Stewardship pledge with Father Andreas, please email him at

We are thankful for your continued generosity and support!